Our Story

Our Body is a temple, your temple is sacred.

At Sacré our journey is driven by a profound mission: to offer effective, organic, quality cosmetic products that celebrate the richness of African ingredients and fragrances. Each Sacré product is carefully crafted to showcase the benefits of African ingredients while celebrating the olfactory and sensory richness of our continent. Founded by Chloë Chevalier Palmer, a native of Burkina Faso, our brand was born from her struggle to find certified, skin-friendly, non-imported European products in the market.

Aware of the specific needs of often overlooked black skin by the cosmetic industry, Chloë felt the urgent need to create a brand that directly addresses these concerns. Thus, Sacré is committed to solving the problems faced by black skin, while offering products suitable for all skin types, delivering hydrating and silky results.

At Sacré we take pride in our African heritage and our commitment to excellence, authenticity, and skin respect. Join us on our journey to discover the sacred beauty of Africa, for skin glowing with health and vitality.

Founder & CEO,
Chloë Chevalier Palmer